Our Broodmares

Our broodmares are carefully selected for their bloodlines, temperament and confirmation. 

Our Philosophy

Each mare and foal receives the utmost care and attention to promote the development of healthy, well handled, foals with good temperaments and their curious nature intact, ready to go on to the next phase of their lives.

10 Goal Horses

We aim to breed horses for the very highest echelons of polo and produce elite horses for 10 goal players. 


We produce a limited amount of embryos each year and place them into high quality surrogate mares. Our embryo programme is currently invitation only. 


Our surrogate mares are carefully selected for temperament, nature, soundness and breeding track record. 


Our foals grow up in the field and live out 24/7 from birth, in small groups of mares and foals, mimicking the natural world as closely as possible. Our mares foal outside, although under close supervision at all times with regular nightly checks from 320 days up until the foal is a week of age. Our foals are all introduced to food and taught to eat as early as possible, and are handled, introduced to the head collar and taught to lead within the first weeks of life. We aim to allow our mares and foals to 'be horses' and exhibit their natural behaviours as freely as possible, without compromising when it comes to care and supervision.

2019 Breeding Programme

For 2019 we have a select group of mares due to foal throughout the spring and summer months with foals expected within both polo and racing spheres. Our polo foals are by elite stallions and are due via both natural covering and embryo transfer. 

Our 2019 mating plans are in full flow but that is classified information!

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